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Presentation of the SELV 300-W range

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Référence : Bkt 300 SELV

Presentation of the SELV 300-W range 2/4

Booklet showing our products for electrical machines and power electronics in the Safety Extra Low Voltage 300-W power range.

Complete range, including :

  • Power supply (1-ph AC, 3-ph AC, DC)
  • Converters
    - 1-ph and 3-ph rectifiers,
    - 1-ph and 3-ph AC controllers
    - choppers,
    - 1-ph and 3-ph inverters
  • Motor benches
    - with magnetic brake
    - with active load
  • Motors to be studied
    - DC motor with separate excitation
    - DC motor with permanent excitation
    - 3-phase asynchronous squirrel motor
    - brushless motor

The power supply has received an Award from WORLDDIDAC, the global trade association for the educational resources industry.

The Worlddidac Award is an internationally recognised distinction for educational products and solutions.
Since 1984 the Worlddidac Foundation, the patron of the Award has been motivating manufacturers of educational products to develop high quality and innovative products and it continuously supports the further development thereof and as a result the improvement of learning and teaching.

The products in competition are assessed by an international jury.

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